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Vichy Laboratoires, a renowned skincare brand, wanted to create image music that reinforced its image of trust and expertise in dermatological solutions.

The aim is to convey the brand’s values, such as the science, safety and efficacy of its products, while creating a dreamlike aural experience that evokes the prestige, beauty, power and purity of the elements.

In collaboration with Vichy Laboratoires, Donosound has created an emotional piece that combines elements of orchestral and electronic music. This orchestral and epic musical composition is evolutionary. Instruments are added progressively, enriching the sound texture and intensifying the emotion.

Layers of synthesizer combined with percussion and melodic vocal flights reflect the perpetual movement of the elements visible in the image, such as air, water and planet Earth.

The soundtrack reinforced Vichy Laboratoires’ image of trust and expertise.

It was used in various campaigns and points of sale, creating a grand and memorable auditory experience.

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