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Somfy is an international group present in nearly 60 countries, and the world leader in the automation of openings and closures for homes and buildings.

The creation of Somfy’s new sound identity follows the evolution of their brand platform. The composition of a new brand anthem had to embody the promise of creating living spaces with a real impact on people and a reduced impact on nature.

Donosound creates a warm, positive theme in a dreamy electro world, set to a driving tempo. The piece is inspired by the play of light and shadow offered by day and night, shutters open or closed. The advertising was orchestrated by the famous director Bruno Aveillan.

Luminous sounds were used in the instrumentation: aerial layers of synthesizers, haunting bass both acoustic and synthetic, drums and female voices with electro sounds enhanced by a sound design evoking nature.

The Somfy brand sound identity is an original, meaningful creation that conveys the brand’s values: positive forward thinking, companionship and determination.

The brand anthem served as original music for ads broadcast in several territories, on TV and the Internet. Somfy’s new sound identity perfectly accompanies the Make the move claim, and has helped reinforce Somfy’s reputation as a world leader.

Donosound handled the international casting of the voice-overs and signature voices, as well as the recording of the English voices.

More than 25 variations were created to suit different uses on five continents (events, advertising, on-hold calls, apps, etc.).

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