sound identity


The Richemont Group, a world leader in the luxury sector, wanted a new sound identity for its brand platform, a distinctive music that reflects its key values: excellence, authenticity and creativity.

The aim is to reinforce the group’s identity as a world leader in luxury and captivate listeners by evoking these essential elements.

Working closely with the Richemont teams, we created a refined and captivating theme.

Using subtle arrangements, we combined classical and contemporary elements to express the expertise, heritage and innovation of the Richemont group, creating an immersive sensory experience.

We interpreted the theme with different orchestrations, from solo piano to a minimalist electro version, covering all needs in all formats.

The original music created for the Richemont Group has had a significant impact on brand perception. It has helped reinforce the Richemont Group’s reputation as the embodiment of high-end luxury, captivating and delighting listeners.

It has been used in various advertising campaigns, promotional videos and group events, reinforcing its identity as a global leader in luxury.

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