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The introduction of fragrances under the Mercedes-Benz brand can be seen as an extension of the brand and an attempt to capitalize on the reputation for luxury and sophistication associated with the automotive brand.

Mercedes wants to create music with a distinctive image, offering a sense of elegance and prestige to its customers, for use in their promotional videos and events.

Our team of composers and music specialists work closely with Mercedes to create a musical image that perfectly expresses the values of excellence, innovation and refinement. We have created a powerful, dynamic orchestral composition with punchy rhythms and a striking ensemble. The rich harmonies and sophisticated sonorities reflect the excellence and innovation associated with Mercedes.

The image music created for Mercedes fragrance has had a significant impact on brand perception. It was used in various promotional videos and brand events, reinforcing the brand’s premium image.

Thanks to this campaign and distinctive music, Mercedes was able to stand out from the competition and reinforce its position as a leading brand, attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

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