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Boghossian, a renowned jewelry house, wanted to create music with a distinctive image to reinforce its brand identity.

The aim was to convey Boghossian’s key values, notably its bold approach to jewelry, as well as the beauty and refinement that characterize its creations. The brand’s history also needed to be reflected in its human and sentimental dimension.

Working closely with Boghossian, we created music that captures the essence of the family heritage, and reflects the brand’s values.

By incorporating the unique sounds of the duduk, we evoke the brand’s Armenian origins and create an authentic, emotional atmosphere. The romantically inspired musical composition is based on an orchestral arrangement that evokes the timeless beauty associated with Boghossian creations.

The original music created for Boghossian brought a captivating dimension to the brand’s identity. The orchestral arrangement added extra grandeur and sophistication, highlighting the beauty of Boghossian’s creations.

This distinctive music was used in the brand’s advertising and promotional campaigns, creating an immersive sensory experience and strengthening the emotional connection with customers. As a result, Boghossian has consolidated its reputation as an exceptional jewelry house, associated with a rich family heritage, creative audacity and refined aesthetics.

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